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Cherry Blossom Supreme - Item # 97279 ~   Our Cherry Blossom Supreme design is one step above the Cherry Blossom and Pearls version. There are 9 porcelain-like blossoms surrounding each pink lense... wow!  The blossom embellishments protrude out almost 1/4 inch. The sunglasses are made of white plastic. The lense is a deep pink plastic. Please note that these glasses are a bit heavier than most of ourdesigns  simply because of the weight of the blossoms.  There is a clear jewelry cord tied to the end pieces to keep the glasses on your pet. The glasses measure  3 1/4 inches wide by 1 inch tall.  Click here for full measurements.
REGULAR PRICE: $24.95   SALE $19.95
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*Please note ~ You pet should never be left unattended while wearing these glasses. They should not be worn for long periods of time. The small embellishments can be a choking hazard and since dogs sometimes chew, you must use great care that they are supervised at all times. Use caution that the pieces glued to each design does not end up in your pet's eyes or mouth. We recommend that our glasses be used for photo shoots, runway modeling or short socials. We accept no responsibility for any injury caused by your neglect.